by Tracy Bleier

Teacher tune up QUIZ!

First, close your eyes. Put your hands on your heart. Take a breath. What do you feel? What words can you say to yourself? What do you envision? Want? Crave more than anything? Now feel what rises to the surface.

Can you talk about it?
Will you transmute what is there to serve your life? To help others?

I have been teaching yoga for over 16 years. I have trained hundreds of teachers over the years to become celebrated, happy, diverse teachers—some have gone on to create illustrious yoga careers, others opened studios, and others went onto to refine their own personal connections with their work, their relationships, themselves. Getting together with fellow yogis and sharing what we are feeling inside from head to toe is my practice. Helping others articulate what they want to say but haven’t felt they could is my passion.

Please take three minutes to reflect on the questions below. If any of them hit you, then know this five day course I am creating is for you right now.

No, you do not need to be teaching.

Yes, you are practicing and want to know more and more and more.

No, we will not be going over every single anatomical bone in your big toe.

Yes, you will learn practical strategies that will give you confidence to teach things you have been afraid to teach.

No, we will not sit for hours and theorize.

Yes, we will practice, write, speak, and try things out.

If you are on the fence about money, time, uncertain about what a teacher tune up is then here are some questions:

For aspiring teachers looking to step up their game:

How often have you said that you aren’t ready to do the thing you really want to do?
Do you get nervous about speaking because you are afraid you have nothing to say?

Do you think you don’t know enough? That others are better than you?
Do you take attendance personally?
Are you tired of teaching the same things?

How can you develop range of instructions?

Do you feel confident to take your students deeper?

How can we adapt our teaching styles to fit the needs of a diverse population?

For the avid practitioner:

Do you trust what you feel?

How can you help others to do the same in their lives?
Are your practices working for your bodies, your minds, your health, your own work?

Are you too hard on yourself? Where does that show up?

What are you most curious about? Confused about? Honest about?

What are your questions?

Join me on July 25 – 29 for a five day inquiry into our finest work, what I can promise is a lot of sweating, laughter, inspiration and fresh new ways of seeing your wonderful selves.



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