There are many Teacher Trainings to choose from in Chicago right now. So what is it that sets our ZYGTT apart?  Read on to see our Top Five Reasons!

1) Affordability – ZYGTT think it is important that this was NUM 1. TT is expensive, but it is so valuable! As we are still growing and gaining reputation in the marketplace, YOU WIN! We want to humbly offer our TT at a more accessible rate so that more people can join our community and get a chance that they may have otherwise missed out on. We think we are pretty fun here at The Garage 😉
It also goes along with one of our main principles, which is that yoga is indeed valuable, but it should also be affordable and accessible. We like sitting in the lower price range compared to other studios of our size. We are local, we are smaller, and we have a tighter community, and behind all those $$$ we have so much intangible love for yoga and one another to share throughout this city.
2) Intro to Many Styles – ZYGTT do not forget all of the roots and branches that have developed around yoga; it is an old practice, after all. We feel strongly that you have exposure to most of those roots. Ashtanga is the basis of almost every Teacher Training, as it is the skeleton of yoga. The other styles we will touch on are also important to the development to modern day teaching: Iyengar, Anusara, Bikram, and Kundalini are all also considered.
3) Sequencing – ZYGTT put a strong emphasis on sequencing. Many programs offer new teachers a “set sequence” that they can memorize. Instead, our emphasis is on creativity and developing the teacher from within. We teach you to think about the body anatomically and the postures as previews of peak poses. You will leave the training knowing WHY the sequences work, and HOW to confidently put them together in a logical, balanced way.
4) Level of experience in our TT staff – Collectively, ZYG Teachers have led over 25 TTs and each has led a minimum of 1000 classes in our teaching lifetime, which in the eyes of Yoga Alliance makes then all “ERYT – Experienced Yoga Teachers.” As you learn about different parts of yoga, teachers who specialize in certain areas (prenatal, meditation, etc.) will guide you through a workshop so that you get the most out of each lecture. Each teacher has unique value propositions, all are successful in pursuing yoga as a business venture and way of life….we’ve got a lot of knowledge and experience to offer you!
5) Community – The Ziggy community is tight knit and always looking for more yogis to share in the joys of the practice. We move, we laugh, we sing, we dance, we cry, and we love what we do and who we do it with. Many TTers have made life long friends during the ZYG training, and there is no stopping it now!
Email to ask more about ZYGTT! Starts this Thursday! (payment plan available)

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