by Courtney Neumann

After 10 vigorous weeks of teacher training, our final workshop ‘The Soul of the Teacher’, lead by Tracy, challenged us to reflect, answer thought (and tear) provoking questions, concluded by an activity where we spoke to the group about a meaningful quote, as if we were teaching our first class. This was mine. 

We are all on a very different journey. I used to be troubled by the idea of accepting my fate, my journey, my path. I would constantly compare myself to the world around me and feel inadequate in my own skin. Until I made a decision to do something that typically I would shy away from. Something that I knew was right for me, something that would challenge me mentally, physically, emotionally. I did not expect these 10 short weeks to be the beginning of my journey, of the rest of my life; even the beginning to what I know will be life long friendships and a community I can call my own.
After 26 years of life, I can say I finally know how to breathe, how to love and cherish myself, and how to be truly grateful for my mind, my body, my soul and the world around me. I am so grateful for this chapter and how it made my path just a little bit more crooked, in the most beautiful, wondrous, and uniquely my own way.

Courtney Neumann, Ziggy TT Fall 2016


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